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Nauti Coconut delivers a healthy, entertaining, memorable and fun experience to anyone and everyone who shares in our love for coconuts and also for those who are willing to walk on the coco-nutty side!


We bring the taste of Paradise to you and your guests, to create an unforgettable tropical escape at your next special event.

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Paradisal Event Services

coconut cartOur custom created Nauti Coconut beverage carts are the perfect addition to your next event in PARADISE!

Nauti Coconut serves you and your guests fresh coconuts and coconut water straight from our tropical carts at your event! Our Nauti Coconut Crafters can accommodate all your coconut needs!

Nauti CoconutIs your business looking to create a tropical vibe for a social event soon, want to do something unforgettable for the next holiday for your members? Or just looking to offer something unique, memorable, fun, delicious and exciting for your members or guests?

Our Nauti Coconut beverage carts can be anchored outside your place of business! and our Nauti Coconut Crafters can serve your fabulous guests our delicious and nutritious coconuts or coconut water from our coconut carts! We also can deliver custom engraved coconuts for your next event to your business & help you set them up or attend your next event and serve up and crack open our coconuts for your guests and members! Hire us today as event space for our coconut carts is best booked at least 60 days in advance.

Are you looking to add our Nauti Coconuts to your restaurant, bar, hotel, gym, golf club, wellness center, spa, resort, or store to sell on a daily basis? We can even customize and engrave our coconuts for your company and deliver them weekly to you to share the taste of paradise with your guests! Click here to read about Custom Engraved Coconuts.

couple holding coconutDreams are made of sun, sand and coconuts they say?!? Nauti Coconut event planners are here to help you create an experience with your guests they will remember! Our fresh young coconuts are perfect for any day, any event and any time. You can even surprise and captivate your guests with custom, engraved coconuts with your special occasion logo. Nauti Coconut Crafters/Event Hosts are available to serve and open up the coconuts for your guests. Whether it’s a local fair or party in the sand, we can make sure you have cold, refreshing coconuts in hand. Our coconut water mixes well with so many flavors and also tastes great alone! Drink your favorite beverages straight from the coconut!!! Be sure to ask about Cocktail ready coconuts for your next event.

Whether you are planning a special day for yourself, someone you know, your company or even a business convention, we can handle all your coconut essentials! Custom engraved coconuts create the perfect entertainment at baby showers, weddings, dinner parties, grand openings, beach parties, boating excursions, golf outings and so much more!

Nauti Coconut services include licensed massage therapy services at your next event. Nauti Coconut massage therapists help you feel your best, while you look your best with our refreshing coconuts! We offer table and chair massage, and all of our massage therapists use coconut oil for all treatments. Your guests will love their massage!

coconut massageRelax and Slip away into paradise! Whether it’s tableside or poolside, our Nauti Coconut licensed massage therapists will customize your massage according to your individual needs.  We offer deep tissue, Swedish, sports massage, trigger point, reiki, and many more massage modalities. Chair massage and table massage options are available. We use Coconut oil for all massages to keep your guests in “A Paradise State of Mind.”  A massage is the perfect escape at any tropical event! 

Nauti Coconut Inspired Creations

Our coconut water is light, refreshing and perfect alone and also mixes well for hand crafted cocktails and mocktails.

Coconut Drink Recipes

2 oz Coconut Rum
1 oz Fresh Coconut Water
Juice of 1/2 a small lime
Just a Splash of Soda Water

In a shaker filled with ice, combine all ingredients and shake until cold.
Pour into your favorite glass or into a coconut over fresh ice. And lastly, put the lime in the coconut to garnish and drink it all up. Sip away into Paradise...

Simple, sweet & tangy. Squeeze a wedge of lime into your coconut and drink it all up!

2 oz Vodka 
1 oz Fresh Coconut Water
1 Tbs Organic Lavender Lemon Syrup
1 Tbs Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
Just a Splash of Soda Water
In a shaker filled with ice, combine all ingredients and shake until cold. 
Pour into you favorite glass or into a coconut over fresh ice.
Garnish with a lemon and edible lavender.
2 oz Passion Fruit Rum
1 oz Fresh Coconut Water
Add Soda Water to taste.


In a shaker filled with ice, combine all ingredients and shake until cold. 
Garnish with a lime wedge.
2 oz Peanut Butter Whiskey 
1 oz Fresh Coconut Water
1 oz Sweet Cream Almond Creamer

In a shaker filled with ice, combine all ingredients and shake until cold. 
Play with quantities to best suit your tastes.

16 oz Fresh Coconut Water
4 Tbs Fresh Lime Juice
1 Bunch Mint Leaves
1 tsp Stevia (optional)

Muddle mint leaves, lime juice and stevia (optional) together in a glass. Fill glass with ice. Pour coconut water over the ice. Stir. Garnish with lime wedge.

2 tsp Matcha Powder

4 cups Nauti Coconut Water

Add our own coconut water and matcha powder into a blender. Blend on high until completely smooth! Pour over ice & sip away into Paradise!

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