Our Inspiration


Nauti Coconut was founded in the spring of 2020 by three close friends, Jenn, Katrina and Jessica. They would often spend time outside their stressful work schedules fantasizing about a simpler way of life.

Wouldn’t it be great to create laid back versions of themselves, to spend their days at the beach, in the ocean air, sharing what they love with others?

It was all just a dream until that simple way of life was suddenly thrown upon them, when the world shut down as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Where once there was never enough time, now there was an abundance. They would meet up for workouts, recharge with fresh coconut water, and spend hours strategizing about a new way of living while Pandora’s Laid Back Beach Chair Radio played in the background. One day, Harry Nilsson’s classic Calypso tune ‘Lime in Da Coconut’ came on.

Inspiration struck and just like that, Nauti Coconut was born. You see, Jenn, Katrina and Jessica put the sun in the sunshine state.

They searched for the silver lining in this time of fear, uncertainty and loss. And they found it in a promise to inspire others by living fearlessly authentic to become free. Now, all the hard work has new meaning.

At Nauti Coconut, we work hard so you can lay back and relax and enjoy that toes-in-the-sand, cold-coconut-in-your-hand feeling. Nauti Coconut is about doing what you love, with who you love, where you love to be.

The Nauti Life is about creating your own paradise, wherever you are and wherever you go, it’s a place of white sandy beaches, tropical blue saltwater, afternoon naps in a hammock and palm trees full of coconuts swaying in the breeze.

Nauti Coconut brings an island vibe and tropical state of mind to you!

Our passion is to inspire the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves, of you, and of the planet. Together, let’s put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up!

Peace✌, Love ❤ &  Coconuts 🥥

Jenn, Katrina &Jessica

Serving the Sunshine State 

Paradise Delivered Directly to You!

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• Your Home • Your Office • Your Business • Hotels & Casinos • Restaurants, Bars & Pubs • Nightclubs • Film Production Sets • Photo Shoot Sites • Banquet Halls • Convention Centers • Community Centers • Schools • Churches • Festivals & Fairs • Public Parks & Beaches • Rooftops • Beach Parties & Gatherings • Golf Courses • Marinas • Special Events

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